Sintra, Portugal

In this post I’m going to talk about Sintra, Portugal. Sintra is a beautiful place in Portugal with lots of things to visit and do.

In Sintra, there is a beautiful palace, it’s called Pena palace, you do a small walk or go by car, bus to get there. Is a big palace with lots of story and fun, really beautiful. In this palace, we can see and learn how was the life of queens and kings, lots of years ago. On 7 July of 2007, this Palace was elected as one of the seven wonderful places to be in Portugal. This palace was classified in 1995 as UNESCO World Heritage.

After Pena Palace, you can go to Moorish castle, this castle has a really good view, from this place you can see Pena Palace, Sintra, and others. This castle has lots of stories, is beautiful and interesting. This castle was constructed in century IX by Moorish.

To have more information about tickets, opening times and accessibility:

            Take a walk and listen to nature, have a really good view of the palace and mountain, you should go to Cruz Alta.

Portugal has lots of different and tasty foods. In Sintra, Piriquita is a bakery founded in 1862, and this shop has chocolate custard tart (pastel de nata), traditional travesseiro or chocolate travesseiro (small cake with the shape of a pillow).

To more info about time and pastry –

Pena palace, Sintra
Pena Palace
Cruz alta
Moorish Castle

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