20 things to do in Lisbon, Portugal!

€ – monuments you have to pay

  • 3. Pasteis de Belém €– if you like traditional food, here is an important place to go. This pastry is here since 1837, so is a place with lots of history. In this pastry, they sell the traditional and delicious pastéis de Belém. In this pastry, you can see how pastéis de Belém are made. https://pasteisdebelem.pt/en/#
Pastel de Nata
Padrão dos Descobrimentos
  • 5. Praça do comércio (free) – before this place was called Terreiro do Paço. This is a really beautiful square, next to the Tejo river. Lisbon story centre and Arco da Rua Augusta are situated in this square.
  • 6. Lisbon story centre €– a museum about the history of Portugal, in this place you can discover lots of new things about history and how amazing was the history of this country. – https://www.lisboastorycentre.pt/en/content/lisboa-story-centre
  • 7. Arco da Rua Augusta €– the construction of this arch was scheduled in 1759, after the destruction that a big earthquake made. It was inaugurated in 1875. From the top of this place, we have a really good viewpoint.
Arco da Rua Augusta
  • 8. Rua Augusta (free) – it’s a famous street in downtown Lisbon. This street has lots of famous stores and some traditional old stores, too. Parallel to these streets, we can find Rua do Ouro and Rua da Prata, you should visit this too.
Rua Augusta
  • 9. Santa Justa lift € – a good place to have a panoramic view of the city. This monument is a tall lift, I don’t recommend to people that don’t like heights.
Santa Justa lift – elevador de Santa Justa
  • 10. Castelo de são Jorge € – If you like to see castles and to know more about the amazing history of Portugal, you have to go to this castle. This castle is a place where you can get to know its interesting history and have a good view of the city. https://castelodesaojorge.pt/en/
  • 11. Bairro Alto (free) – Bairro Alto is an old part of the city with traditional stores and some small and traditional restaurants.
  • 12. Rossio/Praça D. Pedro IV (free) – everyone calls this square as Rossio, but the official name is D. Pedro IV Square. Is a place with some stores and lively. The floor is pavemented with patterned mosaic, traditional in Portugal.
Praça D.Pedro IV at Christmas
  • 13. Cristo Rei € – a bit far from the centre of Lisbon, because is on the other side of the Ponte 25 Abril (bridge 25 April). From the top of this big and stunning monument, you can have a view of the city and Tejo river. https://cristorei.pt/en/home
Bridge 25 april and Cristo Rei
  • 14. Pilar 7 — Ponte 25 de Abril€ – located in Alcântara, this panoramic view gives to the visitors a unique experience! The visit starts with a bit of the history about this beautiful bridge; after you get an elevator to the panoramic viewpoint; and to end a virtual experience of some parts of the bridge. https://www.visitlisboa.com/en/places/pilar-7-bridge-experience
  • 15. Sé de Lisboa/Lisbon Cathedral € – this place is a beautiful Cathedral with a long history. This is an important historical, religious and artistic monument. Its construction began in 1147, when the first king of Portugal, reconquered the city from the Moors.
Lisbon Cathedral
  • 16. National Coach Museum € – this is a Museum with lots of story about Portugal, here you can see really old coaches and how the people go to everywhere in the past. http://museudoscoches.gov.pt/en/
  • 17. MAAT € – https://maat.pt/en – Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology. This museum has really good and interesting exhibitions, to view that, you have to buy a ticket. But, the top part of the building is a viewpoint, and it’s free!
  • 18. Parque Eduardo VII (free) – a big park, really good to take a walk!
  • 19. LxFactory (free) – this is a place where you can find good and unique restaurants and a big diversity of shops. https://lxfactory.com/en/homepage-en/
  • 20. Estufa Fria € – an inside garden, here you can take a relaxing walk, it looks like you are in a forest! https://informacoeseservicos.lisboa.pt/contactos/diretorio-da-cidade/estufa-fria/
    • To visit the city and see more, you should go to hippotrip, is a bus that goes by land and river, really fun and interesting! https://www.hippotrip.com/en/
    • Or take a tram, the 28 is the most touristic and this one pass by some of the most attractive and stunning places in the city.
    • There is a card, that you can buy, to have some discounts on monuments and to use public transports. The name of the card is Lisboa card. https://www.visitlisboa.com/en/shop/lisbon-card

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