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Sintra, Portugal

In this post I’m going to talk about Sintra, Portugal. Sintra is a beautiful place in Portugal with lots of things to visit and do. In Sintra, there is a beautiful palace, it’s called Pena palace, you do a small walk or go by car, bus to get there. Is a big palace with lots…

1 dia na Dinamarca (Copenhaga) o que fazer?

Aqui estão algumas formas de aproveitar o seu dia ao máximo nesta linda capital. Esta cidade tem montes de locais para ver e um dia se calhar não chega, mas aqui estão algumas ideias do que pode fazer. Um dos meios de transporte mais usados em Copenhaga são as bicicletas, por isso assim que chegar…

About Me

Hi, I’m Ladybug travel.

I hope you like my blog and my photos; this blog is about beautiful places to travel and good photos.

  I create this blog because I love to travel and to know new places.

  In most of the time, I do nature and adventure travels; in this kind of travel, we walk by foot or ride a bicycle, that’s good for being healthy, and in this way, we see a lot and pollute less.

  I love to travel and I think that’s important because when we do that we learn about other countries and other cultures, and it’s wonderful being exploring new places. But travel is not just good things, this pollutes a lot, because of the airplane, and I always try to do the most ecological travel as I can.

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